They see me rollin'

The Block Rock Desert is an awfully large place. It can take a while to get from one place to another. Much like the events which take place in another fracture of the multiverse, vehicles make travel much easier. There are a variety of vehicles which can be created. Explore, haul your camp or essential bodily fluids, or just visit the drive by shooting range.

Mutant Bikes

a ridable spider

There are several craftable ridable animal themed “bikes” which you can use to journey throuhgout the Block Rock Desert and beyond. They all have their own quirks but are trusty steeds indeed.

You can choose from these and more!

  • A Spider Bike (that can climb walls)
  • A Creeper Bike (that might explode, who knows)
  • An Iron Golem Bike (piggy back rides?)

Non Mutant Vehicles

While fossil fuels can be hard to come by in the Block Rock Desert, once you locate them it unlocks a whole range of vehicles. Some of them can carry passengers, and others can make use of trailers. These can be quite useful when you need to haul various liquids back to your camp before you have developed the ability to produce them.

off roader in the desert

Frakin’ Air Ships

When you get tired of roaming around on land you can build an airship. These things are upgradable and customizable and will let you breeze over danger with eaze, so long as you don’t run out of fuel.

airship in the desert