How To Play

desert octopus art piece


Sometimes we need to spend a inordinate amount of effort in order to immerse ourselves into the experience we would like. Unlike the Black Rock Desert, as you explore Tribes That May Be, you will remain physically dust free. The chemical burns you may end up with are confined within the sandbox virtual world that we have created out of modded Minecraft. There are several steps involved to get up and running, and a relatively beefy computer will be needed. We’ve tried to tune the early gameplay experience in a way that groups of people can rapidly build up to a place of fully-automated, luxury, queer block socialism, and then use this to build lo-fi art and hang out with a rockin’ soundtrack provided by our extended community.

And maybe y’all will learn a thing or two about resilient communities as you explore the Tribes That May Be multiverses.

If you find anything that either doesn’t work, or does not work as expected, the easiest thing is do hop into our discord server and let us know. If you feel some immediacy seize you and are looking at being more involved, then please head over to the list of things we are tracking on our GibHub project and file an issue describing what happened.

Client Installation

The Tribes That May Be crew would not recommend trying to use this modpack without a launcher to a friend. The Twitch Minecraft Launcher is more popular and generally easier to use than the open source MultiMC. Developers tend to prefer MultiMC as it makes juggling packs much easier. It does not support easy upgrades like Twitch does. Note that this is a bit of a beefy modpack and we recommend a minimum of 6Gb of memory being allocated.

Java Itself

An up to date version of Java 8 is required in order to run Minecraft. It is generally a good idea to manually install Java from the sketchy but totally legit java dot com. Make sure to install the 64 bit version. Depending on the browser you use on Windows it may incorrectly choose the wrong option.

Minecraft Itself

The base Minecraft game is not free. You need to purchase and install the Java Edition prior to getting into the Twitch or MultiMC launchers.

The Modpack Itself

Tribes That May Be is currently in a pre-release state. You can find the latest alphas on curseforge. Most users will want to use this. These releases are always going to be the same version of our public development server.

You can find the freshest builds artifacts on our modpack actions page. For single player usage, you can probably download the most recent artifact that has been succesfully build. Make sure the build you are selecting has a green checkbox next to it although please note that is no guarantee the version is completely bug free.

Twitch Launcher

You will need to already sign up for a Twitch account in order to use the launcher. Twitch currently has a thorough guide on how to get started with their launcher for playing modded Minecraft. Make sure to bump up the memory used in the Minecraft settings. We recommend a minimum of 6Gb.

With Alpha buids you will need to manually install the modpack. .With the Twitch launcher running, click on the Mods tab and select Minecraft. It may take a few moments to load. Click through and then select Create Custom Profile. Click on the import button, and select the zip file you downloaded earlier.

MultiMC Launcher

The MultiMC launcher is much lighter weight than the more common Twitch launcher. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. After you have downloaded the MultiMC launcher from their home pageand have it running, click on the Settings button in the upper middle of the screen. Select Java from the list of items on the left side of the screen. From here make sure to set your memory to a minimum of 6Gb (6144Mb). If you get warnings about being unable to find Java upon running the modpack, come back to this screen and use it to set the path to where Java is actually found. When you are done here click Close.

Click the Add Instance button in the upper right. From there, select Import from zip from the list on the left. Unfortunately you cannot just paste the artifact URL in the text field even though it implies you can. Click Browse and select the zip file of the ttmb-client artifact you downloaded previously.

Things will happen for a bit as the modpack dependencies are downloaded. Once that has completed, you can select the new icon and click Launch.

Use the Quest Book

starting quest line

Above all else, the quest book is your friend. It will teach you how to not only navigate the unfortunately overly complicated Minecraft interface itself but also guide you on your journey throughout the Block Rock Desert. If you ever feel like you are not sure how to use a thing, or need a rough idea of where to go next, consult your quest book. There are several quest lines to choose from in order to focus on one area over another. Ideally you will have other people to collaborate with as you explore.

Dev Server

dusty container yard

The Tribes That May Be crew runs a development server. It is currently open to anyone with a registered Minecraft account. You can connect to it by creating a new server pointing at or just clicking Direct Connect and using the default. Nothing here should be considered more than temporal, we do a lot of explosives based testing. We make use of stickypiston for hosting and they are pretty great. This server should always be up to date with the alpha releases on Curseforge.