No Spectators

Are you interested in helping grow the Tribes That May Be experience? There are plenty of ways you can help! If any of these things seem interested to you, contact us using one of the methods at the bottom of this page!

Arists and Creators

We are looking for creators and artist who would like to see their written, spoken, musical, and visual art embedded in this multiverse zone trip experience. We are currently able to accept a variety of liberally licensed content.

  • Written text. We have a relatively lightweight pipeline for adding custom lore to the Tribes That May Be modpack. You can see how the Burning Man Principles are included here. This lore will au tomatically show up as discoverable content that participants may discover on their zone trip experience.
  • Live and pre-recorded musical sets. By making use of the better records mod we can embed mp3 and ogg files within the zone trip experience. This may be used for artists to embed their tracks or set recordings, or to stream live events (including those originating from Twitch into the Minecraft world.
  • Static visual content may be directly embedded from any “web page” source using the online picture frame mod. We are currently developing a pipeline to enable to use of custom lo-fi minecraft paintings via the paintings++ mod which may be displayed in a variety of immersive fashions for participants to either place themselves or discover on their adventures.
  • New structures. We make use of the recurrent complex mod to have particpant discoverable content randomply show up throughout the course of their adventures. We are able to support the majority of the mods included in Tribes That May Be, and would love to see more people helping add this kind of interactive content.


There is always a bit more to do to make the experience more engaging. We would love more help in a variety of areas. The things which we need to still do and have actually rememebred to write down are up on our Github issues page.

  • Custom textures. There are plenty of things in Minecraft that we would like to reskin to be more appropriate for the sort of zone trip that we are going on. There is also a lot of possibility to add logoed clothing, custom armor, that kind of thing.
  • Custom models and items. There is a bunch of flexibiltiy here as well, if you are interested. By leveraging the contenttweaker mod family it is very easy to expand what is available to participants.
  • Interactive NPCs. We make ues of the custom npcs mod which gives us a pile of flexibility in terms of being able to engage with entities in the multiverse. If you enjoy world building, this may be your jam.


Sometimes testing involves a quiet playthrough. Sometimes it involves eldrich myst ages and high explosives. Sometimes it involves setting up grow ops and trimming plants. We have created a set of tools to make rapidly testing the modpack much more easy (and relatively fun) so let us know if this is your jam.