Manifest the Spectacle

Tribes That May Be includes a variety of creativity enabling mods on top of the existing sandbox make whatever you want (so long as it’s lo-fi blocks) mechanic that Minecraft provides.

Fully Automated Luxury Queer Block Utopia

One of the challenges of any creative endeavor is resource scarcity. While participants will initially have to actually pay attention and work to survive in the Block Rock Desert, they will be able to eventually make use of the mystical agriculture mod to grow resources. This allows for a shift in game play from scavening for resources to needing to manage them properly. Enterprise Block Resource Management is handled in the early game by the storage drawers mod, and in the latter game by applied energistics.

Fine Art

The blockcraftery and ArchitectureCraft mods allow us to customize the shape and texture used by most blocks as they are placed in the world. Columns, fancy window frames, or even just hidden doors may all be crafted. The Chisel & Bits mod breaks blocks down into a 16x16 pixel grid, allowing for fine detailed construction.

Trowels and Wands

There are all kinds of tools which border on magic to make it easier to create. And remember that any structure can be saved and copied using Recurrent Complex.

  • There is a Trowel which allows to place down randomly selected blocks out of a set you define.
  • There are Builders Wands which make it easy to create large structures.
  • You can use LUA to script OpenComputer drones to do almost everything.